Website Developer Edinburgh


Everybody knows someone who knows a bit of HTML.

So why should you pay for the services of a web developer?

Getting your business online


It does not matter if you don't know how to switch on a computer. I am here to get your business onto the Web.

From finding a suitable domain name, setting up business email accounts to creating a unique, customer focused and affordable website according to your exact specifications, I am happy to handle the whole process for you.

All-in-one service

A website project involves a graphic designer, an information architect, a digital strategist, a social media consultant, a professional photographer, programmers, content authors and, of course, a project manager.

The costs for even a small corporate website can quickly reach five digit figures. Small businesses usually cannot afford to employ a team of specialists.

I specialise in affordable web solutions for individuals and small businesses. I have professional experience in all major stages of a website project to help you market your business online.

SEO Health Check

Google Panda

Apart from the number of backlinks to your website, having valid, easily accessible markup is an important factor for your website to be listed high on search engine results pages. I can perform a website audit to find out if there are any technical issues that stop your website from being indexed properly by search engines.

While the algorithm that search engines use to calculate the relevance of a website in relation to a search term is a well-guarded secret, the guidelines on how to create a "Google-friendly" website are freely available. A lot of this coincides with best practices in website development. A website which has been programmed with web standards in mind has a considerable advantage over those which were not.

Website Analytics

Technology aside, a small(ish) website can only be realistically optimised for a limited number of keywords. What keywords and key phrases do users actually type into Google most frequently in order to find services or products like yours? Is your content optimised for these search terms? Do you know what search terms your visitors have entered when they were referred your website?

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