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I have a wide range of skills relevant for online publishing. This makes me particulary suitable for projects that cannot afford to involve a large team of specialists, but require fewer people with a wide skillset.

Web Languages

I proactively keep up-to-date with the rapidly evolving web languages and aim to constantly improve my skills, including the latest developments such as the introduction of HTML5.

Web Development Tools

Database Technologies

I am most familiar with MySQL, but have some experience in working with SQL in Oracle databases.

Content Management Systems

In the past two years I have focused particularly on the open-source platform WordPress on which a number of my websites run on.

Rich Internet Applications

JavaScript was my introduction to programming many years ago, and continues to be highly useful when working with libraries such as jQuery. ActionScript is used to create interactive multimedia applications in Flash.

Soft Skills

Interface Design and Authoring

Software Development

My software development experience is limited to some quite complex pieces of coursework for university, mostly using C# and the Visual Studio development environment, but it taught me valuable programming skills such as object oriented programming, which I now use when I am programming for the Web.

Specialist Skills

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